Balancing the needs of the community with the needs of the environment

Land Development

Land Development is about altering landscapes to create livable, workable, and inspiring places for our families and communities to flourish in. Our engineers are experts at creating balance between the clients’ vision and the natural world.
  • Master Planned Communities
  • Commercial/Retail/Offices
  • Land Development Engineering
  • Single-Family Residential Developments
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Multi-Family Developments
  • MUD/Special Districts

Land Development


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Whitestone Market

Cedar Park, TX

Whitestone Market is a three-phase retail development on property adjacent to FM 1431 between Parmer Lane and Vista Ridge Boulevard. It is a part of the Silverado Springs Master Plan in Cedar Park, Texas. Phase I consisted of the planning, engineering design, and permitting of 23 acres along the south side of FM 1431 between Parmer Lane and Market Street. A 78,000 SF H-E-B grocery store, approximately 30,000 SF of in-line retail, an H-E-B Fuel Station and one bank pad site currently occupy the site. The use of local limestone and sensitivity to the natural environment make this site special. Doucet’s knowledge of local materials and methods led to the use of limestone retaining and pond walls, a cost effective measure that added to the local character of the site. Doucet achieved fifty percent tree preservation through careful coordination with the city urban forester and performed an Endangered Species Habitat Investigation for Birds and Karst (cave) Invertebrates. In addition to Phase I, a 1500-foot-long commercial collector roadway, Market Street, was designed and permitted. Coordination was required with the Phase II design engineer and with the Silverado Springs developer’s engineer on the off-site street and utility work within the Silverado Springs development. Phase II consisted off the area along FM 1431 between Market Street and Phase III; work included planning, conceptual site planning, subdivision processing and engineering review of infrastructure plans on developer’s behalf. Phase III consisted of the design, permitting, and construction administration for a joint-use driveway to serve lots 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as utility extensions to provide service to each lot. Doucet performed a Floodplain Determination Study and inundation easement delineation for easement on adjacent property. TCEQ Edward’s Aquifer Contributing Zone Permitting was also required.

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Windsor Mall Redevelopment

San Antonio, TX

Windsor Retail Park is an approximately 125-acre mixed-use redevelopment project to include retail, residential, commercial, office and hospitality elements. Doucet provided conceptual design and preliminary platting for this property which part of the property eventually became Rackspace headquarters.

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