Doucet offers civil engineering design and consulting, entitlement procurement services and geospatial expertise for a full range of projects large and small, private and public.
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Live Oak Trails

Austin, TX

Live Oak Trails is an affordable and environmentally-friendly multi-family apartment complex located near the "Y" in Oak Hill, just west along Hwy. 71. The project includes 58 apartment units, along with common facilities including the office/gym and water quality pond. It also includes a learning center, playground, hiking trails. The site is located in the Barton Springs Zone (waterway setbacks) and includes a 10 foot escarpment; these and other encumbrances made site layout a unique challenge, but the design team was able to create a workable land plan that exceeded the client's original expectations for unit capacity. As part of the City of Austin entitlement process, Doucet was the lead in a complex "Planned Unit Development" (PUD) zoning case, including negotiation with city staff and neighborhood representatives, preparation of the PUD land plan, and multiple presentations at public hearings. In addition to the design/entitlements process with the local governing authority (City of Austin), Doucet successfully obtained multiple permits from state agencies (Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).Environmentally-friendly Learning center, playground, and hiking trails 58 Units

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Olympia Oaks Affordable Housing Project

Amherst, MA

Together with Kuhn Riddle Architects, we provided conceptual site design and preliminary cost estimation services to the Town of Amherst for a proposed affordable housing development on Olympia Drive in Amherst. Upon completion, the conceptual site plan included proposed structures and site features such as building footprints, roadways, driveways, parking, sidewalks and drainage structures. Our responsibilities for this project also included a thorough due diligence effort. We conducted an independent review and analysis of physical conditions, environmental conditions, applicable zoning, permits and approvals and other development and legal considerations pertinent to the development of the subject property. Our services for the project have since extended to the preparation of final site development plans. Continuing to work with Kuhn Riddle Architects, the Town of Amherst, and now with HAP Housing (the selected non-profit affordable housing developer), we are providing complete design, engineering, permitting, and construction administration services for the project. With regard to local permitting, the Project Team received approval for a Comprehensive Permit under M.G.L. Chapter 40B, which allows for streamlined local permitting of affordable housing.

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Pennybrook Estates Residential Subdivision

Ware, MA

Doucet provided civil design and permitting services for the construction of the 32 lot Pennybrook Estates subdivision in the Town of Ware. We were called upon by the client to prepare Preliminary and Definitive Subdivision Plans, as we were required for permitting of the project. We assisted the client in obtaining all required permits/approvals for the project, which included Definitive Subdivision Approval through the Ware Planning Board, a Notice of Intent through MADEP and the Ware Conservation Commission, 401 Water Quality Certification through MADEP, permitting under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) for exceeding the wetlands threshold, and a Notice of Intent (NOI) for stormwater discharges associated with construction activities through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A noteworthy key element of the overall subdivision layout for Pennybrook Estates was the wet pond design. The goal was to design and construct a multi-purpose pond within the subdivision which not only manages the environmental treatment of stormwater, but also enhances the natural beauty of this unique rural property. The result is a successful upscale residential community with physical features that rival those found within the most elite subdivisions in New England.

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