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    Doucet & Associates provides civil site design, planning and surveying services for a wide variety of educational site development projects. Our projects range from site improvements to major structural additions, educational buildings to athletic facilities. Often, our educational development projects involve extensive surveying, civil engineering, and offsite infrastructure improvements. We understand the critical design issues involved with educational sites.

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    Doucet & Associates is proud of our projects that create treatment and healing environments for our communities. Our healthcare projects include medical clinics, children's and specialty care hospitals, medical education and licensed acute care facilities.

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    Doucet & Associates has been involved in numerous hospitality and recreational facilities throughout the country. We understand these projects often require close coordination with the project architect and other team members to ensure proper grading, drainage and civil site design are in line with the designer's vision.

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    Doucet has designed numerous industrial parks across the Southwest. Many of these projects have involved detailed site evaluation and planning to ensure the best utilization of the available land as well as design of extensive infrastructure improvements to ensure ease of access to/from the site.

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    When it comes to public facilities, construction often takes place while life and business takes place. Doucet & Associates reviews and analyzes the design proposed by the design team to solve potential problems before they arise and works with our clients to minimize disruptions in the community.

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    Low Impact Development/Sustainable Sites

    "Low impact development" concepts, such as rainwater harvesting, water reclamation and conservation, erosion control, tree preservation, stormwater quality enhancements, innovative water/wastewater treatment, and on-site renewable energy generation to name a few, are standard design elements in the Doucet arsenal. We will partner with you to design sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental impact and development footprint of your communities. We have been involved in cutting-edge, leading sustainable designs throughout the country and bring this extensive experience to bear when designing solutions that will work for you.

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    Doucet & Associates understands the importance of providing a work environment that contributes to the overall well being of employees. We are proud to have participated in projects that are LEED certified or sustainable to offer an office setting that employees and visitors will enjoy.

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    Public Infrastructure

    Helping counties and cities be good stewards of their economic and natural resources – that is the core mission of Doucet's public policy team. Doucet & Associates’ policy group helps local governments plan for the future by helping cities craft unified codes, land use and grow plans, advising on development regulation, reviewing development proposals and working with mass transit providers on facilities planning and permitting.

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    Doucet & Associates has helped create a number of unique and successful residential developments. From starter home neighborhoods to luxury estate developments, from small mixed-use to vast master-planned communities, our work shares a common thread: livability. We focus on every detail, from traffic patterns to green space, zoning to permitting. Our extensive experience in designing residential projects has resulted in attractive and profitable developments. We take pride in planning and designing neighborhoods that are easy to market, environmentally friendly, comfortable to live in and an asset to the surrounding community. In fact, we approach each residential development as if we were going to live in it ourselves.

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    Retail Development

    Many of the country’s largest and most successful retailers rely on Doucet & Associates time and time again to create complex multi-disciplinary retail project on time and on budget. Our team has built a national reputation for its broad capabilities and proactive approach. Bottom line, we are skilled at managing the demands and challenges of retail development programs.